Sunday, October 18, 2009

Water change made easy

Are you interested to keep fishes?
Are you interested to keep a fish tank?

Most will answer NO. Some will question back on how much work needed to keep one.

The main concern is about maintenance needed to keep it clean and healthy especially on weekly water change.

Picture below will show how easy it is to perform water change. It is called WIWO (water in water out) method.

front hose = outlet, side hose = inlet.

Wait for 3-5 mins (Depending on your tank size. Recommended WC is 1/3 or 30% weekly). Reminder : please dose in some anti-chlorine to prevent killing fishes. Not much needed.

Job done! It is time to roll hoses and keep for next water change

Alright . . . some might start questioning whether this method is safe enough for fishes/shrimps. Yes it is. I have never encountered any casualty by performing WC this way.

For benefit of all, my inlet is connected to cheapo filter as shown below.

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