Thursday, January 12, 2012

Neglected +2.5ft Tank?

 Partially neglected planted tank after all my time and energy are focused on reef tank. Glosso and L.Viet grow densely and thick. Time to give full trimming.

 Close up. This is about 1month of growth with BorneoWild Boost A.

 Trimming is easy with BorneoWild Wave Cutter.

 Layered of Glosso + L.Viet.

 Job done. Water a little cloudy since I pluck some of it. This is what happen when I am in the hobby for too long. I just don't care anymore. :D

 Snails are getting annoying in my tank and continue to breed like mad. Good bye snails!
*2ml once/twice weekly for every 50litres*

 Very well packed product.

 In addition to Snail Killer, I got myself Algae Destroyer and BBA Remover. I don't have any nuisance algae but both can be used as prevention cure too. Why not right?

Clear instruction provided behind the box. This is concentrated liquid hence the weekly dosing regime instead of daily.