Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rock scape + Tunze? + Additives

Rock scape. Still lack a couple more rocks. Rock hunting again this upcoming weekend.

Top shot. My first attempt scaping marine tank.

Liquid bacteria + bacteria feed. ROWA carbon for Fluidized Reactor.

New toys. ^_^. Tunze Multicontroller 7096 + Tunze Nanostream 6055 (currently have 1 but will add another one later). Tunze packaging is very modest with nothing fancy. I cannot even find a user manual. Not sure if it does include but well, it is dummy proof.

Unboxing the Tunze Multicontroller.

Tunze wave-maker holder comes with rubber "joint" to absorb vibration. Brilliant design.

Top shot of the blue rubber.

Position inside my tank. Wanted to purchase Vortech but I didnt like the noise level so end up with Tunze.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Test Kits + Refractometer

Some new stuff that I got over the last weekend.

D-D H2Ocean Test Kit. From bottom to top;
1) Multi test kit (Mg, Ca and KH)
2) Phosphate
3) Nitrate

What is in the box? I am gonna have mini lab at home soon. . . weee~!

User Manual. No idea how to use it yet. I am Lazy to read

Portable refractometer. Getting accurate reading is really tough because the grid is so small. Need to wear my specs.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

5ft Shallow Marine Tank - It Is Wet Now!

Added Ikea LED light. No need to use torch light anymore :P

Inside cabinet - side view.

(o_O!) Powerful wave and ripple created by Eheim Universal 1264.

Avicularia Minatrix

Remember this little fella? Now he/she is called Fuzzy.

Click HERE to refer to old picture of this cute spider

Nhandu Chromatus

Newly acquired tarantula. Also known as Brazilian White-Knee Tarantula.

Scientific name: Nhandu chromatus
Type: Terrestrial
Size (approx): 18-21cm
Feeding: Mealworm
Temp/Humidity: 24-28°C, 75-80% humidity
Temperment:Skittish and defensive.

Pamphobeteus sp. machalla v2.0

One of my favourite. About 10 months with me and has gone through 3 molts.