Tuesday, March 30, 2010

CO2 Tank Makeover V3.0

CO2 tank transformation

Completed painting the tank body. Took me 5 days to finish with 10-15 mins each day. Dont get the idea wrong that this task is hard. I just didn't rush to finish it.

Tips for nice and even paint job:-

(1) Shake the spray can vigorously before spraying
(2) Keep the spray nozzle approx 30cm (1ft) away from the paint area.
(3) Keep the work area free from wind - you do not want dust/dirt to stick on your paint area.
(4) Ensure your item (paint area) free from dust/dirt. Wipe with dry cloth or brush.
(5) Move can from side to side to allow fine spray distributed evenly. Keep it thin and allow each layer to dry before applying new coat. At least 6-10 mins depending on the paint thickness.
(6) Finish of with clear coat for sparkling and shiny paint (optional)

Anyone notice I have removed the knob? Here you go . . .

Old rusty knob transformation

Well, this is not done yet. I have removed all the rust and old paint away using 240 & 320 grid sandpaper together with penknife. Initially I thought it would be much easier to do looking at the size BUT I was wrong. It took me an hour to get the result as above picture.

I need to get another can of spray tomorrow to paint the knob. Probably will get metallic dark grey to match the tank colour.

Tiring day . . .

To be continued . . .

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Custom Pendant Light

Stainless steel hanging kit installed on the ceiling

Close up shot

I have spent many days (perhaps week) trying to find suitable light fixture for my new 5ft tank but I failed to get one. Choices are quite limited and I have to race against time to get this issue sort out before my tank is delivered.

To make matter worse, I need pendant type instead of "on the tank - OTT" type. I have visited almost all major fish shop in Kuala Lumpur to source for 5ft T5 pendant light but ended up with Metal Halide option only.

Being persistent and stubborn, I got an idea to have it customize to my requirement.

It is going going to be T5HO 80w x 4 powered by 2 OSRAM high performance electronic ballast (as picture below). This ballast is made in Germany.

For the light bulb, I am opting for Giesemann Powerchrome Midday (6000K), either x4 or combination of x2 Giesemann and x2 Aqua Zonic Super Bright 10,000K.

Info on Giesemann light bulb (taken directly from Giesemann website);

POWERCHROME midday - a full spectrum lamp which closely imitates natural sunlight at 6000 Kelvin. Suitable for fresh-water, salt-water, reef aquariums
and terrariums.
Rated at 6,000 Kelvin with a spectrum designed to recreate sunlight in both fresh and salt water aquariums. This tube can be used on both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

Stay tuned for more pictures and info . . .

Cant wait for the light set to arrive . . . few more days . . .

Friday, March 26, 2010

Iwagumi 50cm Tank - Progress

Tank progress from Day 1 to Today

Quick Maintenance

Staurogyne sp. & Peacock moss

Quick trimming on Staurogyne sp. and replant them on empty spot to create a denser growth. This plant love rich soil like ADA Amazonia II and grow very well without routine dosage of liquid fert.

Plucked off leaves from trimmed shoot of Staurogyne sp.

Water in - water out method for water change

From left to right : 1st hose - Inlet , 2nd hose - Outlet

Magnet glass cleaner is placed slightly below and close to hose outlet to disperse the water gently coupled with "L" plastic pipe to divert the water sideway instead of downward.

Inlet hose (1st hose) is also used with "L" plastic pipe to suck out debris on water surface, like a skimmer. I managed to obtain clean and clear water surface after each water change using this simple setup.

Waiting for water to fill up. Slow and steady.

If you are going to use WIWO method for water change, remember to dose anti-chlorine. I have my trusted Seachem Prime which require lower dosage compare to other brand. Large water change via WIWO method will put your fauna at risk if your water source is directly from the tap. I use cheap filtration system to treat my tap water source. Photo of the filter will be posted later.

All done.

Additives added in after each water change:-
1) 2 drops of ADA Green Bacter
2) 2 drops of ADA Phyton Git
3) 5ml of Seachem Excel

CO2 Tank Makeover V2.0

90% completed

Outcome after 4th coating (as picture above) and will spray one last coat to cover any small defect on the tank. I have removed the knob for sanding and repainting as the original paint slightly chipped off showing small patch of rust.

A bit lazy to finish everything today. Besides, I need to do water change for 50cm tank.

Monday, March 22, 2010

CO2 Tank Makeover

Complete makeover on 2.5kg Co2 tank
Note - It is not ADA co2 tank

Original colour of the co2 tank (picture above) is in green which does not suit well with my white wall. Since I do not have proper aquarium cabinet to keep it hidden, I have to get a simple makeover to ensure the tank complement with the surrounding furniture and most importantly the white wall. Click here to have a look of the tank blending with the wall.

I am going to repaint my 2nd co2 tank too while waiting for new tank to arrive.

Items required for the project :

1) Co2 tank (My 2nd co2 tank)
2) Aerosol spray (RM6.50 x1)
3) Masking tape (RM3.50 x1)
4) Sand paper (RM0.50 per piece x2) - Grid 240 (fine) and 320 (extra fine)
*price is in Ringgit Malaysia (RM)

Total cost = RM11.00, cheap makeover for your ugly looking co2 tank.

Step 1 - use the masking tape to cover the head/knob part (as picture below)

Masking tape to cover the head/knob

Step 2 - Use sandpaper to remove the original paint. Start with grid 240 sandpaper and finish it off with grid 320 to obtain a smooth surface. It is alright not to completely remove the original paint. Just ensure the original paint is thin enough and even surface is achieved. Most often that metal co2 tanks sold come with uneven paint job.

Step 3 - Use brush to remove paint dust.

Step 4 - Use old cloth to wipe it to ensure no paint dust residue otherwise new paint wont stick nicely.

Step 5 - Apply thin layer of paint and allow it to dry before applying 2nd layer. Patience is the key to nice and even coating.

First coat

It is getting a bit late for me to finish the paint job.

To be continued . . .

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Equipment? (o_O)


Equipment removed from cabinet for 4ft shallow tank. Both cabinet + tank have been dismantled and waiting to be replaced by 5ft tank + new cabinet.

. . . waiting to be "hidden" again into new cabinet.

Long Tweezer + Curved Scissor

Unknown brand long tweezer and Borneo Wild curved scissor

Both essential items used to perform trimming and picking up dirt (ie dead leaves) from the tank without getting your hands wet.

The long tweezer is also use to pluck old or algae infected leaves from the plant.

Old rotten leaves + algae infested leaves from Staurogyne sp.

Grip the leaves that you wish to pluck off gently with tweezer and push it downward using very minimal force. Old rotten leaves should detached from the stem easily. DO NOT pull it upward otherwise you will uproot your plant.

Ugly looking rotten leaves + Green Spot Algae infested leaves

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Iwagumi 50cm Tank - March 10

It's time again for another update on my small tank. Few trimmings on Staurogyne sp and 1 trimming on Peacock moss (actually I just pull them off from the lava rock because I am lazy . . .) and I have stopped routine dosing. Water change every 2 weeks and occasionally dose with ADA Brighty K, Seachem Excel and ADA Phyton Git. Even with lack of regular maintenance, this tank is doing exceptionally well. I guess placing lava rocks in the tank provide added advantage and play an important role as internal filtration (provide place for beneficial bacteria colonization due to the porous feature of the rock).

. . . ~6 months. Close up shot.

Full tank shot

Surrounding shot

Cal Aqua Labs glass inlet/outlet removed for cleaning and replaced with Eheim inlet/outlet pipe.

Initial filter : Eheim Ecco Pro 2034 (600 l/h) - Replaced with Hydor Prime 10
Filter media : Eheim (Supplied)

Current filter : Hydor Prime 10 (300 l/h)
Filter media : ADA Bio Rio

Pressurized CO2 system with Solenoid regulator.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

For sale - Shrimp/Fish (Closed)

Various grade of Crystal Red Shrimps (CRS) for sale and Red Cherry Shrimp (RCS)

Self collection at Subang Jaya (SS19 or SS15, nearby Subang Parade) or Changkat View Condo, Jln Dutamas Raya. Payment by cash or bank-in only. Date of transaction : 11/12 March 2010. Please pm me via my-mac.net (PROX) if you require further details. My handphone number will be provided via pm only. Serious buyer only.

Grade A = RM10 per piece
Grade S = RM15 per piece
Grade SS = RM 25 per piece
Full white = RM40 per piece
RCS = RM1 per piece
RCS (Red Fire) = RM5 per piece
Note - Further discount will be provided for bulk buyer. Amount of shrimps for sale will be confirmed again. (>50 available)

Ember tetra = RM3 per piece (>10 available)
SAE = RM2 per piece (~5 available)
Oto = RM2 per piece (>10 available)
Green neon tetra = RM3 per piece (~10 available)
Corydoras pygmy = RM2 per piece (~10 available)
Note - Strictly for bulk buyer only for each type.

For sale - Plants (Closed)

Plants for sale. Strictly self collection at Subang Jaya (NA SS19 or SS15) or Changkat View Condo, Jalan Dutamas Raya and only cash/bank-in payment accepted. Collection date is on 11 March 2010 (Thursday) and 12 March 2010 (Friday). No postage delivery.

Please do not hesitate to leave me a pm via http://www.my-mac.net (PROX) if you require further clarification. My contact number will be provided via pm method only.

List of plants available:-
  1. Java Fern - healthy and bright green leaves
  2. Java Fern "windelov"
  3. Bolbitis Heudelotii - healthy, translucent leaves and no sign of algae
  4. Anubias Nana Petite - healthy, very minimal GSA on old leaves
  5. Mini Pelia - healthy, approx half palm size
  6. Narrow Leaf Java Fern
Pictures as below:-

Java Fern | RM10 per 6-10 leaves

Mini Pelia attached to lava rock (Big) | RM40 - 3 clumps available

Bolbitis Heudelotii (Big) | RM60 - Booked

Anubias Nana Petite attached to lava rock (Big) | RM30 - 2 clumps available

Anubias Nana Petite attached to lava rock (Small) | RM20 - 3 clumps available

Anubias Nana Petite attached to lava rock (Big) | RM30 per piece - 3 or 4 clumps available

Narrow Leaf Java Fern | RM15

Java Fern "Windelov" attached to driftwood | RM10 - 2 available