Monday, March 22, 2010

CO2 Tank Makeover

Complete makeover on 2.5kg Co2 tank
Note - It is not ADA co2 tank

Original colour of the co2 tank (picture above) is in green which does not suit well with my white wall. Since I do not have proper aquarium cabinet to keep it hidden, I have to get a simple makeover to ensure the tank complement with the surrounding furniture and most importantly the white wall. Click here to have a look of the tank blending with the wall.

I am going to repaint my 2nd co2 tank too while waiting for new tank to arrive.

Items required for the project :

1) Co2 tank (My 2nd co2 tank)
2) Aerosol spray (RM6.50 x1)
3) Masking tape (RM3.50 x1)
4) Sand paper (RM0.50 per piece x2) - Grid 240 (fine) and 320 (extra fine)
*price is in Ringgit Malaysia (RM)

Total cost = RM11.00, cheap makeover for your ugly looking co2 tank.

Step 1 - use the masking tape to cover the head/knob part (as picture below)

Masking tape to cover the head/knob

Step 2 - Use sandpaper to remove the original paint. Start with grid 240 sandpaper and finish it off with grid 320 to obtain a smooth surface. It is alright not to completely remove the original paint. Just ensure the original paint is thin enough and even surface is achieved. Most often that metal co2 tanks sold come with uneven paint job.

Step 3 - Use brush to remove paint dust.

Step 4 - Use old cloth to wipe it to ensure no paint dust residue otherwise new paint wont stick nicely.

Step 5 - Apply thin layer of paint and allow it to dry before applying 2nd layer. Patience is the key to nice and even coating.

First coat

It is getting a bit late for me to finish the paint job.

To be continued . . .

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