Sunday, March 7, 2010

For sale - Shrimp/Fish (Closed)

Various grade of Crystal Red Shrimps (CRS) for sale and Red Cherry Shrimp (RCS)

Self collection at Subang Jaya (SS19 or SS15, nearby Subang Parade) or Changkat View Condo, Jln Dutamas Raya. Payment by cash or bank-in only. Date of transaction : 11/12 March 2010. Please pm me via (PROX) if you require further details. My handphone number will be provided via pm only. Serious buyer only.

Grade A = RM10 per piece
Grade S = RM15 per piece
Grade SS = RM 25 per piece
Full white = RM40 per piece
RCS = RM1 per piece
RCS (Red Fire) = RM5 per piece
Note - Further discount will be provided for bulk buyer. Amount of shrimps for sale will be confirmed again. (>50 available)

Ember tetra = RM3 per piece (>10 available)
SAE = RM2 per piece (~5 available)
Oto = RM2 per piece (>10 available)
Green neon tetra = RM3 per piece (~10 available)
Corydoras pygmy = RM2 per piece (~10 available)
Note - Strictly for bulk buyer only for each type.

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