Friday, March 26, 2010

Quick Maintenance

Staurogyne sp. & Peacock moss

Quick trimming on Staurogyne sp. and replant them on empty spot to create a denser growth. This plant love rich soil like ADA Amazonia II and grow very well without routine dosage of liquid fert.

Plucked off leaves from trimmed shoot of Staurogyne sp.

Water in - water out method for water change

From left to right : 1st hose - Inlet , 2nd hose - Outlet

Magnet glass cleaner is placed slightly below and close to hose outlet to disperse the water gently coupled with "L" plastic pipe to divert the water sideway instead of downward.

Inlet hose (1st hose) is also used with "L" plastic pipe to suck out debris on water surface, like a skimmer. I managed to obtain clean and clear water surface after each water change using this simple setup.

Waiting for water to fill up. Slow and steady.

If you are going to use WIWO method for water change, remember to dose anti-chlorine. I have my trusted Seachem Prime which require lower dosage compare to other brand. Large water change via WIWO method will put your fauna at risk if your water source is directly from the tap. I use cheap filtration system to treat my tap water source. Photo of the filter will be posted later.

All done.

Additives added in after each water change:-
1) 2 drops of ADA Green Bacter
2) 2 drops of ADA Phyton Git
3) 5ml of Seachem Excel

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