Tuesday, March 30, 2010

CO2 Tank Makeover V3.0

CO2 tank transformation

Completed painting the tank body. Took me 5 days to finish with 10-15 mins each day. Dont get the idea wrong that this task is hard. I just didn't rush to finish it.

Tips for nice and even paint job:-

(1) Shake the spray can vigorously before spraying
(2) Keep the spray nozzle approx 30cm (1ft) away from the paint area.
(3) Keep the work area free from wind - you do not want dust/dirt to stick on your paint area.
(4) Ensure your item (paint area) free from dust/dirt. Wipe with dry cloth or brush.
(5) Move can from side to side to allow fine spray distributed evenly. Keep it thin and allow each layer to dry before applying new coat. At least 6-10 mins depending on the paint thickness.
(6) Finish of with clear coat for sparkling and shiny paint (optional)

Anyone notice I have removed the knob? Here you go . . .

Old rusty knob transformation

Well, this is not done yet. I have removed all the rust and old paint away using 240 & 320 grid sandpaper together with penknife. Initially I thought it would be much easier to do looking at the size BUT I was wrong. It took me an hour to get the result as above picture.

I need to get another can of spray tomorrow to paint the knob. Probably will get metallic dark grey to match the tank colour.

Tiring day . . .

To be continued . . .

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