Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chemical for balanced ecosystem

Some of liquid chemical used to achieve balance and healthy ecosystem in my tank.

Middle row from left to right: ADA AP2 fish food, ADA Green Brighty Step 1, ADA Brighty K, Seachem Excel (I pour them into empty Brighty K bottle, Seachem Prime)

Front row from left to right : ADA ECA, ADA Phyton Git, ADA Green Bacter

Backrow from left to right : IronHide, The Fallen, Starscream. I love transformer!

Brief description:
(1) Green Brighty Step 1 : To promote new leaf growth for initial stage up to 3 months.
(2) Brighty K : Pottasium. Improves leaf colour and promotes photosynthesis. Can be useed to neutralize chlorine during water change
(3) Seachem Excel : Liquid carbon. All plants need carbon source
(4) ECA : Iron and organic acid that promotes absorption process of plants. Good for color loss of plants
(5) Phyton Git : Sterilizing ingredients extracted from plants. Good for suppressing plants especially fern disease and removing green algae
(6) Green Bacter : Additive made from organic acid and able to promote beneficial bacteria.
(7) Seachem Prime : Anti-chlorine

Dosing regime in my 120cm shallow planted tank:-

3-5 times (3-5 ml) of excel divided into few interval. I use Excel to control BBA (Black Brush Algae). Able to see significant result in 3 days after dosage of approx 20ml daily even on GSA (Green Spot Algae). Be careful as overdose might kill your fauna in the tank. Stick to recommended dosage if you are unsure.

3-5ml of Brighty K daily
3-5ml of Green Brighty Step 1 every alternate day
3 drops of ECA twice weekly (sometimes once a week)
3 drops of Phyton Git every 3 days (sometimes once a week)
5 drops of Green Bacter after each WC

Dosing regime in my 50cm planted tank:-
1 drop of Phyton Git every 2 days
2 ml of Excel daily
2 drops of Green Bacter after each WC

Every tank has different need and requirement depending on plant type, density, age, etc. As such, my dosing regime doesn't provide absolute guide to anyone.

Happy dosing!

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