Monday, October 19, 2009

Iwagumi Tank - 50cm

After receiving numerous request to provide tech spec on the tank posted in Water change made easy, I have decided to share it.

. . . 10 days
General tank data :-

Size : 50cm (L) x 34cm (W) x 43cm (H)

Substrate : ADA Amazonia II from mid to background. Sarawak sand(?) as decorative foreground sand

Rock : Lava rock

Lighting : 16W x 2 T5 Super Bright (Aquazonic)

Filtration : Eheim Ecco Pro 2034 + complete media

Temp : 24-25C

Co2 : 1bps via nano ceramic diffuser

Flora : Staurogyne sp & peacock moss

Fauna : 9x Rainbow Forktail, 5x Green Fire Tetra & 2x Otocinclus

Dosing regime : Seachem Excel 1ml per day.

Water change : 1/3 every 3 days. Will reduce it to once weekly after a month

Eheim Ecco Pro 2034 + Co2 Tank with solenoid regulator

Upcoming review will be on Ecco Pro 2034.

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