Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cardinal Sulawesi Shrimp part 1

I just got 2 of this beauty. Rare and definitely not a beginner's species. Point and shoot picture taken with Canon Ixus 95IS. Photo do not do enough justice for this shrimp.

Coloration : Deep red/rose with white/bluish dots along the body. Its maxillipeds and pereopods (Front legs) are in deep white. The tail area is slightly bluish.

Size : approx 1 cm.

Origin : Sulawesi, Indonesia

Honestly, I do not have any hope to keep this species alive in my tank as I am being told they only survive in water with pH above above 7.0 - alkaline (8.0 recommended). Also, recommended temperature is 25C. Above that and chance or survival is very slim. Probably 0.

Brought this home yesterday and unpack them into small container. I use syringe to slowly inject water from the tank which they will be put in later on. This method allows shrimp to acclimatize before introduce into new tank. After 15 mins, both are released into the tank.

So far, I have to disagree that Cardinal Shrimp cannot survive in acidic water. Mine is around 6.5. Currently the shrimps are still shy and hide around the planted area. Both started to collect/scraping food from rocks which is a good sign.

Next update coming soon . . .

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