Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nano Planted Tank - 30cm

All pictures taken with Camera phone

Few days later - Added in ADA Amazonia II powder type (Only soil)
Hardscape consists of OHKO rocks.

Hydor Prime 10 external canister filter.
Original media is removed and replaced with ADA Bio Rio

Filled up with water while waiting for plants to arrive the next few days.
Filter is turned on to start bacteria colonization.

Result of day 1 planting
Emerged Staurogyne sp on foreground & midground. Rotala sp. green and emerged Micrathemum Micranthemoides on background between the rocks

1 week later
Removed all stem plants.

2 months later

4 months later.
This tank has been dismantled. Plants are sold.


Aquarium : 30cm (L) x 19cm (W) x 26cm (H)
Substrate : ADA Amazonia II Powder
Filtration : Hydor Prime 10 + ADA Bio Rio
Lighting : 18W PL, turned on for 7 hrs per day
CO2 : Ista mini glass diffuser, 1 bps
Additives : 3 drops of ADA Brighty K every 2 days, 3 drops of ADA Step 1 every 3 days
Water change : 1/3 every week
Temperature : 24-25C

Stay tune for new layout . . .

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