Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ramshorn snail infestation

Many . . . many . . . many . . . of them

Close up picture

Another close up picture

I use this to look for them at night (light off).

I spent few minutes (hours maybe) every night removing those snails shown in the pictures by using long tweezers. They are harmless but having too many of these little things is going to give you ugly sight of your tank especially during photo shoot. They like to move up onto the aquarium glass during night time (light off). Possibly grazing on GDA (Green Dust Algae).

I have to use manual removal using tweezer due to the amount of CRS i have in the tank which restrict me from putting in fishes like puffer or loach.

I guess I will have to live with these little pest as long as I am having the tank.

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