Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Some updated pic...I know it is long overdue..sorry guys :icon_cool

Currently battling with aefw which consume 70% of my SPS. Expensive lesson learned. Nevertheless, remaining corals are doing alright now and no new corals until everything stabilize again.

 Full tank shot

Tank inhabitants consist of:

1 x Yellow tang
1 x Blue eye tang (aka 2 spot bristletooth tang)
2 x Black ice clownfish
9 x Blue eye anthias (lyretail anthias)
2 x Dispar anthias
3 x Orchid dottyback
1 x Cleaner wrasse
2 x Cleaner shrimp
? x Turbo snails
4 x RBTA
SPS, Acans, Chalice, Xenia, Fiji pipe organ, Golden clove.

Top shot.

Additional compartment to to keep sump area as clean as possible for easier maintenance.

2 x Ecotech radion power supply (bolted to the center wood support)
1 x Ecotech battery backup (bolted to the back portion of wood support)
Mixing tank and top up tank are on the bottom section.

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