Saturday, September 3, 2011

+2.5ft tank - Day 246

9 months old scape. No change to the scape besides adding in L. Vietnam. Need to do major trimming again otherwise it is going to turn into jungle scape. BorneoWild Boost A is really boosting the growth faster than I want it to.

Gotten it for free from one of MAC member. Limnophila Vietnam. Growing well despite multiple trimming to propagate the plant.

Big boss of the tank.

Iriantherina werneri. commonly known as Threadfin Rainbow. Don't you love the flare? I am still looking for female to add into the tank but fish shop only sell males.

Microrasboras Galaxy. Bought 4 but 3 of it decided to live out of the water. I am thinking to get another 3 for this guy. Lonely little fella.

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