Saturday, April 9, 2011

+2.5ft Tank - Day 98

BorneoWild Boost A - Soil fertilizer.

Info taken from
Boost (Capules) is a substrate supplement containing 70 kinds of immediate and slow release macronutrients, nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, that stimulate plant growth, ensure proper balance and improves nutrient uptake. Recommended for densely planted tank with rosette and stem plants.

Promising huh??

Antibiotic anyone? :P

FTS - . . . . day 98.

Current maintenance schedule:-
1) Daily 1ml of BW Growth and 2-3ml of BW Essence K
2) 50% water change every 10-14 days
3) Fishes are fed twice daily with BW Staple S and twice weekly with BW Pro Color.

Current tank stats:-
1) Temp: 24-25C
2) Co2: 2 bubbles per 3 secs

Current fauna:

15 Otos
15 Ember tetra
20 Boraras maculatus
20 Boraras brigittae
1 Badis bengalensis
3 Fire Red shrimp

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