Saturday, February 19, 2011

D-D RO Unit + Crystal Pro DI Resin Unit

Unpacking D-D RO filter. Does not come with DI Resin filter (Separate purchase).

Complete accessories provided. Hose are differentiated by 3 colors (white, blue and orange). Small details from D-D product for easy identifying of input/output.

I do not want to drill the RO unit to the wall. Proposed spot....

All the connections are hooked up for test run. White hose - connected to main water source, orange hose - waste water after filtering, blue hose #1 - output from RO unit to DI unit, blue hose #2 - output from DI unit (clean RO water). TDS meter is connected in between the white hose and blue hose #2 to test water parameter before/after filtering. Filter health check will be kept in optimum condition with this equipment.

Test run...bucket is intentionally placed on top of washing machine to test the output since filter is placed on the floor.
Need to wait approx 15 mins to see water flowing out from blue hose. Messy hose will be tied with zip cable later.
Result: Passed! :D

Final position.

Now I need to source for 2 big water containers, to store RO water and mixing container.

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