Saturday, January 8, 2011

+2.5ft Tank - Setup Day

Sprinkle 1 bottle each of BorneoWild Balance, BorneoWild Boost P, BorneoWild Bacter Crystal and BorneoWild Bacter Energy on the bottom of tank.

ADA Amazonia I (Normal+Powder), ADA Powersand and small lava rock are transferred over from 5ft tank. Hardscape consist of bigger dark grey lava rock, recycled from previous nano 1ft tank setup.

Ewwww, MILO in my tank!. . . . performing WIWO to clear out soil dust before planting. Very important step if you do not want soil dust covering plant leaves after planting.

Better now? Nope. . . Still waiting for it to clear up more . . .

Better clarity now . . . :) :) :) Need to start planting soon . . .

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