Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Glossostigma Elatinoides

My first experience with Glosso

Big bunch of Glosso floating in clean water. Need to separate each node for planting. I can sense serious backache to completely cover 5ft tank @_@

Misting to wet the soil. This method will reduce air bubbles trapped between the soil after water is introduced into the tank. You definitely do not want the air pocket to burst out from the soil pushing your newly planted plant to float up.

Glosso is planted using BorneoWild Pinsettes 28. Planting job is made easy with this tool. I will provide comparison between good quality vs cheap pinsettes later.

Plant densely. Only the leaves are visible and sit on top of the soil.

After many many . . . . . . . and many . . . . . . . . and many hours of planting.

Note to self > > > to get few friends to help with planting if I were to try this plant again in future. Backache and neck pain for 3 days!

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  1. What kind of soil have you used there? Does it need very fine soil? cuz I am currently using the ECO COMPLETE SUBSTRATE, would the gravel be a bit too big/difficult to plant this carpet plant?

    How's your tank looking now? :)