Monday, November 9, 2009

ADA Bottom Release

Item above is a special tool to insert Iron Bottom or Multi Bottom (both products from ADA) into the substrate. With this tool, fertilizer can be inserted deep into substrate to provide sufficient supplement for plants that absorb nutrient via root ie, Crytp

Now the question is . . . do you really need this?

I have tried it and frankly, I do not find this item as useful or effective as it should. Drawback that i encountered are:-

1) Water will drip out from either end whenever you take it out from the tank. I need to use clothes to wrap it.

2) It is not that easy to press when you insert it deep into substrate like Holland Sand. I have yet to try this one ADA soil.

3) By injecting the head into substrate, you might cut your plant ie runner stem or root. Not that easy to do it if your tank is densely planted.

4) Expensive.

5) Cut Multi Bottom drop off from the head before injecting. Full length Multi Bottom will not drop off. Well, sometimes you want to use shorter length.

After trying few times, I got frustrated and end up using my long tweezer. I must say tweezer is much more efficient and easier to handle.

ps: All comments above are solely on my own experience and opinion.

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